God Loves a Cheerful Giver

Giving is a great way to start your day and end your night. Giving opens up the heart and protects the mind. I practice giving daily. You can join me by forming a practice of giving a little bit of something that is valuable to you. I'm a guy who drives a lot. Gas cost money. I like to give things away for free (books, cds, tshirts).

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Real Life Angel - Raphael

This is the Beloved Home of Raphael Polk

I am here to worship Jesus

My story begins in church.  My story ends at home.  I have dedicated my life to being the priest of my home.  My great grandmother was an evangelist.  When I lived with my grandmother I decided one day that I would buy the robe of an evangelist.

That robe cost $180.00.  I walked the streets of Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd in the robe feeling that I was healing the people around me.  I wore that robe to a costume contest at church a couple weeks later and I won.  They immediately gave me the cash prize like it was my inheritance.

I still have that robe and a lot more.  I believe in having a great day and a safe night.  These two prayers will protect your mind, body, and soul.

On this website I have many hidden things.  I promise that your mind will become clear and your heart will be strong and open as you continue to visit my home page.

Of course I would appreciate it if you make a small purchase while your here.  That helps keep the lights on.  Nevertheless my love for Jesus Christ will be your anchor for you to renew your faith in God.

I really am an Angel.  I have no shame in that.  Over time I will teach you how to fly and create a life for yourself that is fair to others and righteous. In Raphael's name I pray.


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